How to (perfectly and stylishly) make your bed, perfectly and stylishly

How to (perfectly and stylishly) make your bed, perfectly and stylishly

Snuggling into bed on a chilly evening is one of the best parts of fall.

Take a fresh look at your bed as the weather starts to cool, so you can have a dreamy space to cuddle up in all season long. Here are some tips to make your bed its best.

Cover the box spring

If your bed frame has attractive sides, you don’t need to cover them up with a dust ruffle. But you do need to cover up the box spring, if you have one. There are decorative box-spring covers that can add a dash of texture, but you can also use a fitted sheet.

Fold down the top sheet

If you have sheets with lace or embroidery detailing, show it off by putting the top sheet on the bed upside down, then folding it back over the coverlet. Beautiful pillowcase sets and sheets that have embroidered or lace edges can take your bedding to the next level.

Add a coverlet

A coverlet adds another layer of interest to your bed, and they’re nice to sleep under when you’re not yet ready to dive under a warm duvet. Look for one with some delicate detailing, like a trellis pattern or diamonds. And the best part is, the more you launder them, the softer and cuddlier they usually become.

Stuff the duvet

Getting the fill neatly inside a duvet cover is not as easy as it seems. It can be hard to get the fill into all the corners and get it to lay cleanly. Here’s a fool-proof system, which works best if you have two people, one on each side of the bed: First, grab the corners of the fill and slide them in to the end corners of the duvet cover. Hold the corners in place while you pull the duvet down over the fill. Finally, shake it out, then smooth it down.

A fun option is to look for a duvet that has a different fabric on each side, so all you need to do is flip it over for a whole new look. Fold the duvet over the sheet just a bit, so the buttons and contrasting fabric on the duvet’s back show.

Add pillows

Showroom-designed queen beds usually have seven decorative pillows. The back row features a set of 27-by-27-inch square pillows resting on top of the sleeping pillows. If you have a king bed, you might have three of these.

For the other accent pillows, look for ones with a high-quality down fill. That makes them fluffy, yet dense enough to hold their shape.

Finish with a focal-point pillow in a zippy, contrasting fabric or featuring a monogram or great trim.


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