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The wide stripes of the Ritz design are colorfully woven and they are already a classic - modern and timeless. The high-quality satin fabric is made of 100% combed long-staple cotton, weighs only 105 grams per square meter and is woven with a density of 110 threads per square centimeter. The result is an incomparably beautiful and noble shiny fabric. Available in Argent, Beige, Corail, Marine, Vert. 

Enjoy the luxurious sleep experience

With the bed linen from Schlossberg, the highly esteemed Swiss company with a long tradition, you can turn your own bed into your castle. Enjoy pillows and duvet covers made of the finest and dignified fabric and enjoy this precious exclusivity for your own home. Your own bed will be an elegant eye-catcher in your bedroom with its sumptuous Egyptian cotton . 

Ritz by Schlossberg

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