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Sale Leo Duvet, pillows and Shams by Schlossberg

Leo Duvet, pillows and Shams by Schlossberg



A subtle leopard print, which blends in and looks like it is moving, is hidden behind fine, watercolored spots of color. LEO bleu consists of tones ranging from sapphire and dark midnight blue to nuances of gray mixed with hints of lilac, green and salmon pink shades. The softer, more feminine LEO beige version has golden and beige dots which blend gently into the khaki color. Fine pink, orange and lilac shades flow harmoniously with the other colors.

Matching unicolored sheets SN:

LEO bleu – blanc, adria, poudre, brise
LEO beige – blanc, glace, canne, perle, prune, fjord, miel

Matching unicolored sheets JR

LEO bleu – blanc, adria
LEO beige – blanc, glace, canne

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