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Sale Lucine Towels by Yves Delorme

Lucine Towels by Yves Delorme


Yves Delorme

Jacquard, 100% loop terry cotton, 530 g/m².

Design Inspiration

Jasmine blossoms are the sign that nature is reawakening. The plant's thriving shoots carve through space, etched in dynamic lines on the ever-so fresh percale. In a light, lifted style, the aquarelle showcases its unlimited color variations and free expression on the model. The transparencies of the hues illustrate naked flowers blossoming, indicating the dawn of spring.

Bath Sheet: 35x59 in.

Bath Towel: 28x55 in.

Guest Towel: 17x28 in.

Lingerie Bag: 14x9 in.

Women's Robe: available in 4 sizes: S - M - L - XL.

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