Benefits of Choosing Organic Linens

Benefits of Choosing Organic Linens

When shopping for bed and bath linen, organic products are the better choice. Whether you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle or want to protect the environment, choosing organic can help you do both. Organic Linen will give you the following benefits:

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
The materials used for organic bed and bath linens are produced at local farms using sustainable methods. The flax used in organic linens is grown without depleting any natural resources. It is also grown without the use of dangerous chemicals. 

What to Look For

Cotton fiber can be USDA certified organic, but processing the fiber into a textile is not covered. Select organic cotton products that have been dyed with "low-impact fiber reactive dyes" and finished without formaldehyde. Product labels should mention voluntary third-party standards or certifications such as Eko (certified by Skal), Oeko-Tex, or the Global Organic Textile Standards. These are meant to ensure that production and/or processing is eco-friendly.

Also, find textiles that can be machine washed so you can avoid dry-cleaning chemicals. If an item is a blend, check whether it's blended with another sustainable fiber like hemp or linen, rather than conventional cotton or a synthetic fiber.

Produce Durable Linens
When you buy comforters and pillows for your mattress, you expect them to last. Organic linens are so durable that they actually become softer the more you wash them. They are Naturally resistant to bacteria and dirt, you can rest assured your organic linens stay clean longer than the alternatives. Better still, organic linens remain free of lint and can be washed at home.

Wrap You in Comfort
Organic linens are perfect for both the bedroom and the bathroom. The linen itself is a lightweight fabric that remains cool to the touch. It also draws moisture away from your body, which means you will not wake up covered in sweat, even during the summer. Organic linens keep you insulated and regulate your temperature throughout the year.

Look Beautiful
Organic linens are naturally beautiful. They can easily fit into any bedroom or bathroom décor. Using dyes that do not harm the environment, organic linen producers have created a variety of colors. Make your home more aesthetically appealing with some attractive organic linens.

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