Dry Off with the right Towel - Tips on Finding the Best Towel

Dry Off with the right Towel - Tips on Finding the Best Towel

For most people, shopping for bath linens typically involves trying to find the right colors to match the bathroom tile work. But learning a few tips and knowing the basics about terry cloth, gram weight, fiber-type and yes, even color…you’ll be an expert in no time!

Terry cloth is by far the most common towel material. It is a pile fabric, meaning it consists of cut or looped fibers that stand up close to one another on the surface of the underlying woven (or knit) material.

Other examples of pile fabric include velvet or velour. Uncut loops make the thirstiest terry, because the looped part of the fiber is the most absorbent. We love Super Pile for it’s lush loops, simple design and 60 fashion forward colors to choose from.

Or if you prefer a more traditional towel, Sferra Bello towel is a wonderful choice.

The longer the loops, the more absorbent the fabric. Sheared terry cloth, while incredibly soft, will not soak up as much moisture. Most velour towels will have a sheared side and loop terry side to aid in absorption. You can opt for these as a fashion towel to accent your regular terry towel or use for a guest towel or powder room.

Towels are measured by weight in grams. Gram weight refers to how many grams a square meter of towel weighs. The more weight the more densely woven loops will feel thirstier. Longer loops make for a thicker, fluffier towel. Try Coshmere Towels By Schlossberg of Switzerland.

Generally, a towel of 600 gram weight or more is considered plush – any towel of 700 and 800 gram weight is luxury hotel quality. Most Turkish Cotton towels are made of the heavier, denser variety of cotton. Although, they feel thicker or “plusher” in feeling, they can be problematic with drying time. Thicker, heavier cotton is not a good option for those in more humid or coastal climates with the added moisture, where they can remain wet or “damp”, which is a breeding ground for mildew or fungus.

The type of material used in the towel fabric is also very important. Turkish and Egyptian cottons are the industry gold standard, because the long-staple fibers result in softer, stronger and more lustrous material. Bamboo or Micro-Modal (wood fiber) towels are also excellent for their drying properties and are naturally anti-microbial. Try Legna Terry70% wood fiber

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