How do you shop for a mattress?

How do you shop for a mattress?

How do you shop for a mattress?

There's no need to toss and turn over a mattress purchase, just look for these three basic things:

  1. Lift and support.

A mattress should be able to support your spine and keep it in the correct alignment. Try the hand test. If you can easily slip your hand under the small of your back as you lay flat on your back or under your waist as you lay on your side, then you aren't being properly supported.

  1. Cushioning.

If your mattress doesn't have enough cushioning, you'll toss and turn all night because of the stress and strain on muscles and joints, and you'll wake up fatigued. To test for comfortable cushioning, wear nonrestrictive clothing and be prepared to spend 20 minutes stretched out on mattresses you're considering buying. Bring your favorite pillow from home and get into your normal sleep And just because a mattress has a cushy pillow top doesn't necessarily mean it offers more cushioning, since some pillow-top mattresses can compress and lump over time.

  1. Contouring. A mattress should yield under the heavier parts of the body.

'We're not built straight, up and down. Men tend to have broader, heavier shoulders. Women have broader hips. A good mattress needs to allow the shoulders and hips to sink into the bed a bit,"


If you sleep with a partner, shop for a Mattress with that person.

Forget comparison-shopping at different stores. Manufacturers often make exclusive labels for individual retailers.

Instead, ignore the brand name and shop for comfort.

Check out the warranty. Although the life of a mattress is about 10 years, most warranties should be between 15and 20 years.  Buy both a mattress and a foundation at the same time, since they're usually designed to work together. Know what's included with delivery.

Is there an extra fee for the setup, stairs?

Or removal of the old mattress set?

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