Talalay Latex Process Described.

Talalay Latex Process Described.

In one sentence, to make our eco friendly mattress: we give back more to the environment than we take!

This achievement can be accredited to many years of modifying and improving our manufacturing process and product. Also, the sole fact that we only use pure natural rubber latex contributes to lowering carbon footprint emissions significantly as well, since once synthetic (petro-chemical) materials are used in the process, the production of carbon dioxide increases significantly. Any material which is made with a percentage of synthetic latex (like memory foam or most of the latex in the market) has by definition a negative ecological footprint as they do not use the latex tree as a source. Have a look at our Eco-Institut certification that tests the natural materials of our products. Although we are already happy with our results, Vita Talalay strives to improve continually and replace CO2 with life-giving oxygen in all phases of the product life cycle. In other words: we aim for full ecological restoration when making green mattresse

Some brands that do focus on communicating “Ecologic” often speak of the short distance to the transportation of their latex. Although the effort is much appreciated, it is important to realize that these efforts only leave a significantly smaller ecological footprint in comparison to the efforts to modify the production process. In the end, using green energy, only using natural latex, implementing the Cradle to Cradle philosophy and taking part in the CO2OL project is simply much more effective for the environment than any other effort one could possibly take.

All of our figures are based on calculations from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, an institute which sets a worldwide standard for the measuring, managing and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. The other source is the Malaysian Rubber Board, which is the custodian of the natural rubber industry in Malaysia.

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